Introducing  Our Mobile App “Mootivated”    

Our mobile app uses gamification to encourage your students to Moodle more often to improve their learning.  Mootivated can be customized for your individual site, so you can personalize the app and create rewards your students will find appealing.

Our mobile app can be downloaded by students and teachers for free:

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How it Works

Once your site is connected to our servers with our plugin, students sign in to the app with their Moodle credentials.  After signing in, a student will start earning “Moot Coins” from triggered events within their courses in Moodle.   The coins accumulate in their mobile app, and they can spend their coins in the avatar parts store or in the school store.  As an added feature we have also allowed teachers to participate by rewarding the teaching events triggered in Moodle.  In the app, teachers can redeem student items in the school store with their camera.

Avatar Creator

Students can customize their avatars in the part store by spending their earned coins.  Students can upload their avatar as their profile picture in Moodle or submit it to your school’s challenge(s).  Through your school’s integrated web dashboard, your students can create and upload avatar parts exclusively for your school.  This User Generated Content feature personalizes the app for your school and allows your students to develop their digital art skills.

Create eccentric characters and get your students to create digital art parts and upload them to the app through the dashboard. Make Mootivated exclusive for your school.

School Store

Create a shopping experience like no other!  Through your school’s web dashboard, you can post items for sale as a direct purchase or a raffle draw.  Students use their Moot Coins to purchase items or to purchase entries in a raffle (the more they buy the higher their odds of winning).  Put anything you like in the store that you know will appeal to your students and encourage them to continue to learn in Moodle.  It could be a week of parking in the principal’s spot, a free lunch at your cafeteria, a slice of apple pie, an extension by Mr. Smith in his English class, tickets to a local event, gift cards…whatever your school and community can come up with!

Put anything you want in your school store. Students can use their coins to purchase items directly or to buy tickets to a raffle (the more tickets they buy, the better their chances).

Web Dashboard

Here the dashboard administrator(s) can create custom avatar challenges (we recommend getting input from your students) and manage the digital avatar parts for your school.  You can create and decide the duration of each challenge, and you can use any background image to connect with your students.  For example, you can take a picture of the front entrance of your school and make it the background of the challenge, then have your students create the next principal!  Once a challenge winner is determined, you can always reward them for their hard work with a real reward like a free lunch at your cafeteria, or school swag!

We are very excited to provide a platform for your Digital Art students to learn industry-relevant skills by creating and contributing content to your school’s avatar parts store.  Students can use any digital art software that creates .png files and can submit their creations to the dashboard administrator for acceptance/uploading to the parts store.  Check out our “Best Practices” document here for further instructions on how to create art content to fit on the avatars.

Your school store is also managed here, where you can upload pictures and descriptions of items you want to put up for sale.  Create a direct purchase or a raffle, set the price and the duration the item is for sale. Students that directly purchase items and raffle winners have QR codes generated which can be redeemed by teachers/administrators through their app (Mootivated automatically differentiates between students and teachers).

Your Student Leadership classes can help create challenges that interest them and their friends. Create multiple challenges at the same time, put time limits in place, and have students vote on the best avatar.
Moodle Plugin To make our mobile application integrate with your Moodle server, you will need to download and install our free custom plugin here.